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This page gives hints on how to print some useful quantities with the ABINIT package.


Many quantities are computed, but not reported in the main ABINIT output file.
On demand, they can be printed thanks to the following prt⟨suffix⟩ input variables. Usually, a corresponding file suffixed with _⟨suffix⟩ will be printed. In other cases, the main output will be modified to contain the data.




  • prtden PRinT the DENsity
  • prtdensph PRinT integral of DENsity inside atomic SPHeres
  • prtebands PRinT Electron BANDS
  • prteig PRinT EIGenenergies
  • prtfc PRinT Fermi Contact term
  • prtgden PRinT the Gradient of electron DENsity
  • prtkbff PRinT Kleynman-Bylander Form Factors
  • prtkden PRinT the Kinetic energy DENsity
  • prtkpt PRinT the K-PoinTs sets
  • prtlden PRinT the Laplacian of electron DENsity
  • prtwf PRinT the WaveFunction
  • prtwf_full PRinT Wavefunction file on the FULL mesh



  • dosdeltae DOS DELTA in Energy
  • iatsph Index for the ATomic SPHeres of the atom-projected density-of-states
  • natsph Number of ATomic SPHeres for the atom-projected density-of-states
  • natsph_extra Number of ATomic SPHeres for the l-projected density-of-states in EXTRA set
  • prtdos PRinT the Density Of States
  • prtdosm PRinT the Density Of States with M decomposition
  • ratsm Radii of the ATomic spheres SMearing
  • ratsph Radii of the ATomic SPHere(s)
  • ratsph_extra Radii of the ATomic SPHere(s) in the EXTRA set
  • xredsph_extra X(position) in REDuced coordinates of the SPHeres for dos projection in the EXTRA set



  • prepscphon PREPare Self-Consistent PHONon calculation
  • prtbbb PRinT Band-By-Band decomposition
  • prtefg PRint Electric Field Gradient
  • prtefmas PRint EFfective MASs data
  • prtgkk PRinT the GKK matrix elements file
  • prtphbands PRinT PHonon BANDS
  • prtphdos PRinT the PHonon Density Of States
  • prtphsurf PRinT PHonon iso-SURFace
  • prtsuscep PRinT the SUSCEPtibility file (the irreducible polarizability)


  • istatr Integer for STATus file rate
  • istatshft Integer for STATus file SHiFT

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